How To Prepare For Moving To A New College

Starting college is a new adventure that will bring you lots of new experiences, fun, great times and of course a learning opportunity that can help you improve your knowledge and look for a job later in life. It is the transition between being a student and becoming an adult. Universities have their relocation policies, which you should observe. The information about it is uploaded on the university’s website so review it as you get your acceptance confirmation. This will give you enough time to prepare. In the meantime, when it comes to the question of how to move to a university, here are some tips and suggestions that can make this exciting experience less difficult for you and everyone around you, and better organized. Especially if this is your first time moving out, it would be understandable if you feel a bit nervous as well, but after reviewing our tips, it will make moving to a new college a lot easier.

There is a list of things that are essential for your move and we will discuss them bellow. Of course, if you miss or forget something, you can always get it after you move there. To begin with, have in mind that you will have at your disposal only a small room and there won’t be much space. So, only take items that you are sure will be useful and will come handy. Otherwise you better leave it behind. Of course, make sure you are aware of what the university dorm has in the first place, and consider what else you will need to bring or buy after your arrive there.

Prepare a suitcase with your clothes and shoes for the school year and put the rest in boxes. Make sure it is an appropriate size because you will need to find a place in your room to keep it until you need it again it may be under the bed or behind the door. Items that are larger and heavier that occupy lots of space could be omitted from the packing and you could get them after you arrive at your new residence.

Different universities have different rules: there are dormitories where you will get a whole apartment for yourself with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. In other dorms you will have a room to yourself while the other premises will be shared, but you may have to get pots and pans. In still other universities rooms you could share, and the kitchen is at the end of the hall for everyone there to use. Some universities offer a choice and you can select what level of privacy and convenience you wish to have. It ranges from being alone in a room or apartment which is the most expensive option, while other universities, especially such with lower education costs, for example universities in Eastern Europe just put you up in a double room. You may be alone only if you get lucky because there are fewer students than beds.

You will usually find in a dorm some basic furniture like a bed, a desk, a small wardrobe, shelves and a table. Some universities apply restrictions as to what you can bring, so acquaint yourself before the move. Other than that, you can consider taking the minimum from the list that follows and buy the other things you need after you arrive.

If you have a health condition like epilepsy or other, you may decide to inform your roommates and the other students in the corridor where you keep your meds and what to do in case you need medical assistance.Your parents can take you to the university but if there is another student going to the same city, you can share a ride together. It will be more fun! Or you can ask someone to drive you there and you could cover the cost for the drive. If you’ve decided to move more things, and you need transportation, you can rent a van and drive it yourself, or ask movers to do it for you. You can also find a friend, or a relative, who is willing to help. Making an inventory list with what to bring can help your move.

Moving to college can be a scary thing, but by organizing your belongings, researching information, and having others help can make your move to your new college much more enjoyable.

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