Surprising Packing Tips & Tricks For Help Moving

Packing essentially takes up most of the time of a move. From packing boxes, to furniture, to clothes and small trinkets, It is inevitably a time-consuming task. We have previously spoken about simple and common tips and tricks for packing and moving. Today, we are going to cover some unpopular, and not so traditional, tips for packing and moving.

The first trick, which some may already do, when it comes to packing clothes, is to roll them. By rolling your clothes instead of folding them, you will be able to fit more items into the same space, making room to pack other materials and items. When you are packing clothes, instead of packing them into boxes, try packing them into your suitcases and other bags that you are planning on packing and bringing with you anyway. When packing your clothes, only pack the essentials. Check the weather of your new home, so you will be able to prepare what you need while waiting for you boxes. Next, think about the items you will need during that time of waiting. Will you need your computer, tablet, games, etc.? For example, maybe your child is having a birthday at this moving time; what can you do to make sure that you bring everything you need for the birthday, but still only pack the essentials.

A great tip, that I have recently heard a lot lately is to pack clothes that are old and you won’t be wearing much longer. Instead of having to bring these back into your new home, after you wear them on your move, donate or throw them away. This will help with the amount of items you move into your new house, clutter, and if you donate, will be beneficial for a good cause. This will surprisingly save you a great amount of time from packing and arranging.

Nowadays, with easy access to photo taking through phones, tablets, etc., this is a great way to stay organized during your move. Take photos of each box that you pack after it is labeled. Just take one picture per box. By doing this, when the movers show up with your stuff, you will be able to find out if you are missing anything, and know exactly what it is. This will save you from either not knowing, or having to figure out what you are missing. Photograph your travel bags as well. In this case, you will be able to figure out if anything gets lost, and be prepared what you need to buy in the meantime.

Next, use socks to pack more socks. By packing pairs of socks inside a single sock, this will surprisingly take up less space, and keep your socks organized with no chance of getting lost. Pack a single backpack full of money, credit cards, documents, photos, laptop, and any other important items and information. This bag will stay with you at all times and should be your number one priority. As you pack your other bags, place your ear buds in old medicine containers. Most people do not think of their ear buds rolling all over their bag and boxes collecting bacteria. Then, most people do not sanitize these ear buds before placing them in their ears.

The number one thing to take away is to prioritize. Place your most unused items at the bottom of boxes. If you are not going to need a jacket anytime soon, place your jackets at the bottom of clothing boxes. Instead, place common items such as a change of clothes, underwear, and toiletries at the top of the box. This will allow you to grab these items immediately, instead of digging through boxes and overturning items.

The last tip to use when moving that may seem uncommon is to fill in the blanks. If there is room in boxes because of awkward items such as a vase or lamp, fill in the blanks with clothing, socks, and other soft items that will protect the fragile item and save you space.

Hopefully these useful tips and tricks will help you the next time when making a move or even going on a trip.

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