How to Live With Your Parents Again

Are you thinking about moving back in with your parents? Whether it is after college, a breakup, divorce, after having a child, whether you are 25 or 40, there are many reasons for the move. You may be trying to save money, lost your job, or needing to take care of elderly parents. For any reason, we have compiled some useful tips to help the relocation back into their home easy on both parties. Moving back into your parents’ house may not be your biggest dream, or even if you are looking forward to it, there are a few must-do’s to help both parties adapt to the situation best.

The first thing to do when moving back in is to sit down and set up some rules for everyone in the household to follow. You may not be a little boy or girl anymore, and your parents need to understand that. Try asking them to knock on your bedroom door before entering, or any other specific requests that need to be followed. This will allow your parents to understand you more. On the other hand, you need to respect your parents by not having your room a mess all of the time, and helping out on the housework. Discuss with your parents what their expectations are for your new living arrangements to be allowed to continue staying in their home.

Next, you should be clear about who needs what. Since you are no longer a kid, talk about money with your parents; are you needing help with money, are they needing help with rent or a mortgage, or will it be a give and take situation depending on weeks. Being clear about what everyone needs and is going through will help everyone in the home understand each other and their responsibilities. By being honest up front with your parents, it will allow everyone to feel more comfortable in the living situation.

A very important task to do is to set a clock. Are you living with your parents for a few months in between school semesters, or are you want to stay there while looking for the right job? By setting a specific time up front, it allows everyone to stay accountable and have a purpose on what needs to be done. This will allow you to stay motivated, and have other help motivate you to stay on track for your goals.

You should also continue to live your life while staying with your parents. You should go out and hang out with your friends, continue your hobbies, and finding new things that interest you. You should continue doing everything you liked doing before moving back to your parents house, unless it was the reason you were forced to move back in. Your parents may not be used to you getting up early, sleeping late, or staying out late, and by being clear about what is going on and where you are at, will help everyone become more comfortable with the situation as it continues along.

Never forget to take advantage of the opportunity while you are home. Whether it is your mom washing your clothes and doing the dishes, or your dad working with tools, try to learn new things that you can take away when you move out again. You will have a different look on how things were since the last time you lived with your parents. If you are back at home because you are helping them in their old age, trying to do what your mom or dad did when you were younger. You will be responsible for the cooking, cleaning, and taking them out on activities so they are not cooped up at home day after day.

Lastly, when moving back home, you need to only take the necessities. You will not need two toasters, double the utensils in the kitchen, etc. Take whatever your parents do not have that you use on a daily basis, and take advantage of this time to sell or give away the rest. This will allow you to either supply your friends with some nice gifts, or put a little extra cash in your pocket before heading home.

Overall, living with your parents could be a good or bad situation. If you follow these tips and take advantage of living there, you will be able to make everyone’s time more enjoyable and efficient.

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