Ten Things to Know Before Hiring a Mover

● Are they a Florida licensed mover and is the license active?

● -> Consumer Resources -> Business Complaint/Lookup -> In put the “IM#” under license and click Search

● Does the mover have the proper State required insurance of $10,000n in cargo coverage or a bond filed with the department?

A consumer can verify this by asking for a certificate of liability from the mover. (Certificate of Liability comes from the insurance company showing each coverage category, amount of coverage and expiration date – MAKE SURE that the certificate shows a current date of issue near the date of request for this document)

● Does the mover have their own trucks or do they rent their trucks? If they rent their trucks do they accept the rental insurance coverage and can they provide that coverage to you in writing? Most rental truck insurance only cover up to a certain dollar amount dependent on the selected coverage by the renter.

● What is the movers damage claim policy? Florida says movers are only required to offer $.60 per pound per damaged item, does the mover honor this or do they offer in-house options for damages? (in-house options being additional coverage, repair, replacement

● Will the mover provide you with a formal quote in writing?

● Are you required to put a deposit down to book your date? If your date changes do you lose your deposit or is there a date change fee charged to you?

● Does the mover have any additional fees to their hourly rate such as but not limited to; fuel fee, mileage fee, trip or travel fee, stairs fee.

● When does the moving clock begin and end?

● Does the mover provide all safe moving materials such as but not limited to; moving pads, shrink wrap, dollies, tape, etc. Are these materials included in the service or are they charged as an additional cost?

● Does the mover have hired staff or do they use day labor?

● Does the mover make you feel comfortable? Do they answer all of your questions? Do they seen personable on the phone or in email communications?

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