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Before You Make “The Move”

Are you thinking about moving to a new city, neighborhood, or state? Many people make moving more complicated on themselves by not going through a quick and easy checklist before deciding on moving to a new place to live. There a few key things to research before making the big move.

Are you moving into a big city, a suburb, or an explosive real estate neighborhood? You should also know what the job market is like in the new location so you will be able to sustain living there. Other factors include crime rate, children, hobbies and leisure, and activities going on in your town.

The first thing to be clear about is the type of city or neighborhood you are moving to. How do you personally adapt to living in a big city, suburb, or up and coming neighborhood. Some people love the fast pace, never stopping atmosphere of big cities such as New York City and Chicago. Others enjoy a slower pace of living out in a suburb. There is always the exciting feeling of living in a new neighborhood on the rise with new houses being built every day and new people flowing into your town. Before anything else, you will need to decide which type of living will fit you best.

The next, and most likely the most important factor in moving, is the job market. The number one reason for moving is for employment, a job, possibly a career. Are you being asked to move for your job, and in that sense already locked down employment in your new place of living. If not, researching the job market will be the most crucial thing you do. Are there available positions in your field, does the business bring in enough customers, revenue, or produce enough service? You will also want to check the unemployment rate in your new city, how many people were laid off in your field in the past year, and how many people were hired in your field. All these are factors of how will you fit in to the current job market so that you can continue living in your new home.

The second factor to think about when moving to a new place is the crime rate. Finding the crime rate in your new town is crucial because it will show how safe your town is and how safe you will be in your home. The crime rate also has a large impact on the prices of real estate.

If you have children or plan to have children you will need to look at the school district, available playgrounds and parks in your neighborhood, clubs and sports offered nearby, and activities to do outside of school. Most parents want to send their kids to the best school, so researching into where the best schools in your district are, should be the first task on your list. Is your child in a specific club at their current school? Checking to make sure it is offered at a new school will be vital to keep their interest in this club. Another key topic to check in to is nearby playgrounds and parks. Every child needs to be doing physical activities outside to stay healthy. Are there playgrounds and parks nearby that your children can run around and interact with other kids at? Also, making sure the sports they are interested in are offered close to your new home is another key aspect to take into account. Lastly, checking into what other activities are offered nearby for day trips and summer vacation days. Is there a theme park nearby, a community pool, museums or other activities to keep your children interested in their free time?

The last thing you should check into when planning a move is the activities and nightlife offered in your new town. If you enjoy working out, you will want to check what gyms are nearby. Are there concerts, events, and other activities offered weekly or monthly? If you enjoy going out or even if you don’t, checking into seeing what type of nightlife is going on around you is an important part to keeping you enjoying your time living in your new home. If you enjoy going out, try visiting first to see what nightlife you enjoy near you. If you don’t, checking with store owners or other locals about the night life will give you insight on any disturbances, safety, and other factors that could be affected by night time activities in the area.

Next time, before taking the big step to making a move, use this short checklist on choosing your new neighborhood, researching the job market, finding out about children’s activities, and your own personal hobbies will help make the move and settling into your new home a bit easier.

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