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Moving to Temporary Housing: Essential Tips

As we spoke about in our previous blog post, moving is time and money consuming for many reasons. If you have to relocate to a temporary home for a short period of time, that could make moving even more of a burden on yourself, because of not being able to settle in before packing up and moving again. As with a permanent move, the key is organization and communication. It helps by keeping yourself on schedule and communicating with others helping you or a moving company, such as Woody and Sons. A temporary house move could be beneficial when renovating your current home to stay out of the way of workers. Regardless of the reason, we have constructed a few tips to help lighten the temporary move load.

First is how to choose the new temporary home. There are options such as hotel, motel, hostel, renting a house, or an apartment. What you choose depends on your needs and current situation. If you need a place short-term, such as a week or two, a hotel is a great option. Hotels often have many perks offered with staying there, such as continental breakfast, a spa, pool, and workout facilities. If you need to stay somewhere longer than a month, renting a house will allow you to have space to store your current items, and allow you to not feel like you are “living in a hotel”. Obviously, with renting a house, you will decide on how many rooms you need, garage space, and any extras.

Packing is the most important task to think about and plan for your temporary home. You will want to have essential items, such as clothes, some cooking utensils and dishes, and bathroom items, easy to access so that you are not searching through countless boxes looking for them. You will also want to try to keep everything else packaged up and organized while at your temporary home. Otherwise you will basically be packing, unpacking, and moving twice. By keeping nonessential items boxed up, you will save yourself a lot of time and stress. If you do not want to move these permanent home items into your rental home, consider getting a storage unit. This will allow your rental home to not feel cluttered and trapping you.

After considering your needs for clothes, and some other items, you will want to organize moving into your temporary home. As suggested in our other articles, deciding on a floor plan is essential. It will help the unpacking process at both homes go smoothly. You may want to bring along some appliances to use at your rental home that are not provided and need to decide on a place to keep these items. Along with organizing your new home, you will want to check and confirm to make sure that heating, electricity, water, etc. work properly. The last thing to think about while living in a rental home, is to make sure to take good care of it, so you will be able to receive your safety deposit back on your move out date, which might not be as easy of a task as you think.

The last thing to consider when deciding on temporary housing and a move is your expenses and costs. If you do not pack everything, such as when you are only remodeling your bedrooms, and you are able to leave other furniture and equipment at your home, the cost of the move will be less expensive. On the other hand, if you are removing everything, you will want to consider the cost of a storage unit with adequate size for everything you want to put in it.

Moving to a temporary home may seem like extra hassle, and a tall order, but by taking it step by step, you will be able to move through it. It may be job related, renovation related, or just looking for a new home to move to, but if you follow these tips, it will help to make your temporary move easier through organization and communication.

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