Deciding On A Moving Date

Throughout our blogs, we have stated how important moving day is. Taking into account your pre-moving planning, hiring movers, moving out of your old home, and moving into your new home, a lot rides on the line with a move. To help begin the process after doing some pre-moving planning and research, it is a good idea to set a moving date. By setting a moving date, it will help you, the moving company, your current homes new inhabitants, and whoever is helping you with your new home get organized and have a plan.

One factor that should factor into deciding on a moving date is cost. Choose a particular date that is related to how much you are going to pay for relocation. There are specific days of the week that are more expensive than others. Movers become busier, which in hand, raises moving costs for you. Prices can fluctuate as much as 20 percent on weekends, holidays, beginning and end of the month, and summer months in general. If you wish to avoid paying more for your move, avoid these times as best as possible.

Another great tip on how to save money once you set a moving date, is finding someone else moving on the same day as you. By doing this, if you each do not have a full truck worth of items, you can split. This will allow you to share the truck cost, the moving cost, and allow you to pay less. The negative side of this money saving opportunity is that there is potential for some of yours, and the other person’s items to get mixed up with each other. In order to avoid this mistake, and solve the issue on the spot, make a list of the boxes you have packed, with the items in them. Also, clearly label your name across all sides of the boxes to make it easy for the movers to read, and thus, make it much more challenging to mix your items.

The next reason to set a specific move out date is for your own needs. Your new job could be starting on a specific day and you need to get there in time to begin. You also should allow a few days at your new home before starting; so then you can unpack and settle in, rather than putting it off. Another reason could be the school year for your children, the weather during a specific time of the year, and other factors that you may be concerned with.

An important issue to check, but should be fairly flexible, is the mover’s availability. Movers will most of the time, need to be booked two to three weeks minimum in advance. They will want to come and review the house and items to give out a quote for planning.

The time of the day is another crucial aspect to think about on your moving date. It is always a good idea to start in the morning, allowing the most time, most sunlight, and flexibility of time throughout the day. You will have more time available, in case the movers are late because of traffic, or other factors. Starting in the morning also allows you to take your time, take a break if you would like, and allow yourself and the movers to not feel stressed and rushing through the project.

The last reason to set a specific move out date is because of rent. If you are renting your current place, review your contract to see if there is a specific move out date already decided. You may need to send a sixty-day or one-month notice of move out before going through with the process. Often rental contracts are for a specific period of time, and leaving early may cause you to pay extra fee’s to get out of the contract. You also need to think about moving into your new place. Is there a specific move in date set in the contract? When do you need to be there for signing the contract, getting access to your new home, and other factors?

Setting a specific moving date may not seem important at first, but it is a vital aspect to moving. It allows you to be more organized with yourself, your family, the movers, and your current and future landlord if possible. It also allows you to save money because of the planning. Preferably, you should still do some pre-move planning before setting the date, but after the research, setting the date will allow countless advantages to your moving experience.

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