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Moving Party – How To Ease Your Goodbye Move

Moving to a new area is a big deal of excitement and stress for people. Besides just planning the move, getting everything packed, and preparing yourself and your family for the move, there are also other people that you are affecting. Your friends and family that currently live near you will not have the luxury of that anymore. To help ease this time and make time for saying goodbye for now to the people you care about, having a moving party is a great idea.

Planning a moving party can just add another item to your move out checklist, but it is worth the extra time spent. The first tip in planning a moving party is to start early. Everyone else has a life going on besides just you, so giving everyone notice in advance can help ensure that they are able to attend. By having your friends and family confirm who can attend allows you to plan accordingly for the food, drinks, games, space, etc. that you will need. You can prepare fun relocation invitations to send out to your guest, and either send them through the postal service or email. Your invitation should not only include the time and date of the party, but also the theme if you plan on having one. It is also a good reminder to send your guest a reminder one week in advance of the party to confirm that they all still plan on attending. Woody and Sons has you covered with their residential moving services so that you have more time to plan your moving party, and less worries about packing.

Next, you should choose a theme for the party! You may think, why would I have a theme for a moving party, or what could it be? It is a good idea to plan the theme of the party based on the reason for moving. If you are going to college, have it as a themed party for your school. If you are just moving to a new state, such as Texas, Hawaii, etc. have it as a state themed party where people dress in similar styles to that state. Woody and Sons offers long distance moving services to help anyone move across the state of Florida, to all the way across the country. You will also want to match the decorations accordingly to the theme of your party to get the party an overall essence to the attendees.

Another idea for a moving party is if you still need help with common moving tasks. Invite you friends and family over to help pack for a while, or load up things if you are not using a moving service. You can then reward them with food and drinks for a fun filled afternoon or evening of partying. This is a great idea for a moving party if you are limited on time and need extra help. Friends and family will help you get organized and the more people there the easier the job will be. Good food options, which will make it easy on you and easy on the bank is Chinese, pizza, wings, or a BBQ with burgers and hot dogs. If you are moving your business or office, Woody and Sons offers business moving services as well.

Have you ever been at a good party without music? No? Then don’t let it be yours either. Have the music playlist ready to entertain your guest and keep them in an upbeat mood. This will help pass the time of working, and allow your guest to have some fun with each other. This can also bring on some entertaining, sporadic breakout of dancing. As you are hosting your party, take in the memories. You do not want to forget this is the last time you will be seeing most of these people for a while, and you will want to take time to talk to each of them.

No matter if you are hosting a normal party or having your guest help you move, plan some games. You can play throughout the party or play after the work is done. This will just be another reason to allow your guest to have some fun and bring in the memories together.

Moving is no easy task to put on any one individual. If you are trying to save money, or just have a small move, Woody and Sons can still assist you with labor only moving services, to help give you an extra hand with any moving. It is always a good idea to ask for help from family and friends, and otherwise hire Woody and Sons to take care of everything for you.

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