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Industrial Moving Checklist For Businesses

Moving is a complicated task and once it comes down to relocating a company, this task can be even more complex. Moving production facilities could take place for multiple reasons: cutting production, expanding, getting closer to product suppliers, and other reasons. Relocating a factory, warehouse and offices is related to more of an organization than a household move. This is why you need to be well prepared and informed. You need a plan that gives tasks to complete, arranged in a timeline in such a way, that you can save time, effort, and costs as much as possible while moving.

First you need to determine what will be moved. Are these machines, production, and office equipment? Make sure to define the specific tasks to be completed and set up a time deadline for each of it based on when you need it to be done. Next you can discuss early in the moving process with your production manager the ways in which you can continue to service your customers, despite the move, whether that is more goods in stock or another suitable solution for you, it would be good to manage the situation well. You don’t want your customers to give up on your products and services just because of disruptions in your factory. For instance, you cannot provide production, and you are late in delivery because of moving your company. Woody and Sons provides business moving services for all your industrial moving needs in the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas.

Another thing you may also want to consider is a staged relocation of different parts of your company at a different time so that production work can continue or be slowed down just a little or for a very short period of time. You can think of Plan B and other alternatives in case a step in your plan goes wrong or becomes delayed. In case you are moving your home as well as your business, Woody and Sons also offers residential moving services.

Another detail to think about is what type of equipment you want to move and which mover is experienced in this type of moves. You can then distribute the tasks to be done by each department in your company. Next, develop a communication plan like weekly meetings to report work done and solve any issues that have come up. Plan when and how you can be reached in case urgent matters come up. Lastly, make a meeting with the heads of departments to distribute the tasks to be done. The heads will then redistribute the work to be completed between the personnel in each department. They should make detailed plans of the tasks to be done in a written form and hand it over to the responsible persons. If you are only looking for an extra hand or two in the moving process, Woody and Sons offers labor only moving services to help get the job done.

Coordinate between the property and building managers so you can be informed of the specifics of the move. If needed, organize meetings between the building managers and heads of departments of your company for needed clarifications. Make a floor plan of the new area where you will position the production facilities, machines, and other equipment. You can then get rid of equipment and other items you don’t need. Inquire your industrial movers if they do recycling services as well.

You can get a FREE moving quote from Woody and Sons. Explain to the movers your concept of the relocation, show them your floor plan and discuss their possibility to provide to you the services you need in the time you need it and finances you have at your disposal.

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