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How To Make A Good Floor Plan

Whether you are wanting to make a new floor plan for your new home, or just aren’t happy with the current one, a good floor plan is the basis to a comfortable and efficient home. Arranging your home has to be done correctly to get full advantage to everything your home has to offer. If you are moving to a new home, most likely there will be a change in the house or apartments floor plan to the one you currently live in. This might alter your furniture and accessory set up. To create the best floor plan possible, revisions will need to be made from the old one, and careful thought and measurement will be taken into account.

First, you will need to take measurements of your new place of living. You will want to measure the width of each wall, window, the floor space, and mark down where installations, such as outlets and ventilation are as well. Outlets are on of the most important item to mark down in this day. With this era being so perplexed with electronics, an outlet needs to be a cords-length away from each piece of furniture or TV stand. Also, other installations are difficult to move such as ventilation and out of the ceiling lights. If you are going the route to have outlets, ventilation, and other installations moved, it is best to have all the planning and work done before you move your furniture in. This will make the job the easiest on the person doing the work and yourself by not having to move furniture all over the room to get to the current installations.

Next, you will want to measure what you currently have. You will want to do this to check if it will be able to fit into your new home through doors and windows. You will also want to do this to see if you will be unable to take any current furniture to your new home. This will save time and money in the moving process. By measuring this current furniture, you will be able to estimate and project where you can place everything to create the most efficient floor plan.

Now, for placement of furniture, you will want to start with the larger items first. It will be easier to carry couches, bed frames, etc. through empty rooms first and placing them where you picked without bumping into end tables and chairs. After placing all the large pieces of furniture, you are able to then bring in chairs, end tables, and drawers. These items are a little more universal in placement so that you can still have them where they can fit, and in places that still make sense for use.

After all your furniture is set in place, you can now focus on smaller items. You can look at open wall space for pictures in frames, paintings, and other wall hangers. You can place any accessories to the room on your open table space, hang shelves, and create the home-like feel you were going for. By setting up all the larger furniture first, you will find if you do not have room for that large painting, or big collage of family photos, it will be easier to move or get rid of these items than the large furniture items.

Another great reason for moving is it gives you an opportunity to buy new things. If you find you have space for new furniture, or your last pieces were to big, you can go buy new furniture, kitchenware, and other accessories to keep your home feeling new and fresh.

Lastly, you will need to plan the relocation of your items. For the large furniture that will not fit, you can read our latest blog post about what to do when furniture will not fit in your new home.

Moving to a new home is stressful, time-consuming, but in the end is a fun experience. Planning your new floor plan, style, and feel of your new home is a refreshing feeling. By planning ahead of time with measuring, placement of larger furniture, and making slight adjustments, you will be able to construct the most comfortable and efficient floor plan.

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