Preparing for moving

Preparing To Move: Creating A Budget

Having or wanting to relocate to new home or apartment is always a unique experience. Preferably, it should consist of planning, a budget, and back-up plans in case scenarios do not go the way you planned. A part of this planning of your move is cost. Cost will be one of the most important factors in a move for most people. By planning and setting up a budget, you can organize and begin to make your move more efficient.

First off, a move is not always cheap, and making your budget is a crucial part of a successful relocation. You will first need to decide what you can afford to move. By deciding early on what you can afford to move will help alleviate later stress later of having to decide once the movers are there. Woody and Sons works with your budget and can provide labor only moving services. Also by choosing what you can afford to move, you will give yourself some time to be able to sell, donate, or give away other items that you are not able to. If you can sell your items you can not move, this will help raise funds to purchase new items at your new house or apartment.

Next, another key aspect to setting a budget is the first month after relocation. Depending on your job or income will vary the first month heavily. If you are not receiving pay from your job immediately or at do not currently have a job, you will need to budget your first months rent, security deposit, or house payment into your moving budget. Also, you will need to add in food, utility, and other expenses into your moving budget for the first month.

Having a Plan B is always a safe idea. Almost always people forget something while filling out forms for movers, or being clear about everything when receiving a quote. They may require additional services depending on their new home or apartment. Whether it is something you forgot, or the movers are needing to add in because of work they did, it is always a good idea to budget at least 10 percent more than what you are quoted for a moving job. By doing this, you will not be stressing over extra expenses immediately, and it will allow you to have some extra spending or saving money if these extra expenses do not occur. Woody and Sons does an excellent job in helping with residential moving services.

Something else to think about that may not be considered in a moving budget initially, is if you have children. The best way to keep kids entertained while on the move is giving them their favorite food. If you are driving to a new home, it may be best to stop at their favorite food chains. Before leaving, while packing, leave them with a family member or a friend. Also, nowadays with electronics and televisions or books available wherever you are at, make sure to stop or set them up with something to do or watch in downtime. Long distance moves are never fun, but Woody and Sons provides long distance moving services to help everyone have a better experience.

Different moving companies may charge you different prices for the same work. Some moving companies may quote a low price at the beginning of a move and bill you extra expenses once the process and contract are already in motion. Before committing to any contract, make sure you fully understand everything that goes into it. What are the movers offering, are packing supplies already accounted into the price, what taxes and fees may be added additionally? All of these are key questions to figure out.

Another big decision that everyone may consider for a short time is if you should hire movers or do it yourself. There are pros and cons to both cases. It may seem cheaper at first to plan a do-it-yourself move, but that is leaving out the expenses of time, work, renting a truck, packing and unpacking, finding extra moving labor workers or friends, and gas and food expenses while driving.

Setting a moving budget is not the most challenging thing to do, but when you at in being crunched for time, tight on a budget, and trying to do a lot of the moving process alone, preparing a budget beforehand can be a great help and stress relief in the long run.

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