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How To Save Time When Moving

Moving is always affiliated with a lot of time being spent on organization, preparation, and not to mention the move itself. Most of the time, planning a move by you or with someone inexperienced, can make things difficult and string out the process. There are a few essential things you can do to save time, and in return make your move more efficient.

From the start of planning a move, all the way to the finish, it can take months to plan a steady, smooth move. Time is an essential asset for everyone: someone making a move to a new city, new job, etc. or for someone trying to make a career in the moving business. That is why knowing how to save time for a move is the most important asset of the business.

First and foremost, you should sit down and organize your move with a professional moving company, such as Woody and Sons. The key to making the most efficient move is organization. This means taking the time to sit down and plan out the move with the company of your choosing. Before sitting down and taking the time to discuss your move, you can obtain a FREE Moving Quote to give you an idea of what a move would cost, and what does the move include.

If you do not want to use the services of a moving company, you will need to find people to help you. This means that you will need to speak with neighbors, relatives, friends, and colleagues for who is available on the day of your move. The sooner you ask family and friends, the more likely they will be able to pencil you into their schedules and help you out. Also, a good way to have people help you and show your appreciation is to order pizza for everyone to snack on or eat for lunch so that they will feel appreciated and rewarded from helping.

The next essential step in saving time in the moving process is to write everything down. Write down what you want to move, deadlines for changing utilities, things to do like cancel subscriptions, documents to take out from schools, doctor offices, and vets.

You can then make a list with the tasks you need to accomplish. You can make daily list, weekly list, etc. Prioritize what is most important to you and keep that at the top. You can also mark how long your estimated time to completion is, and depending on the time of day, when it can be accomplished. Some tasks may only be able to be accomplished during normal work hours of 9 to 5. Distribute the things to do for every week, and when the week comes, distribute the tasks for the day. A simple break of five minutes in the morning will be enough to help you optimize your work for the day.

After completing your planning and notes, you can decide on what you will want to move. Most of the time, it is best not to take everything with you. This presents a good time to have a garage sale, donate to an organization, such as a church or center, and to give items away to family and friends. To help estimate how much moving supplies you will need, ask the moving company so then you are not short, rushing to the store at the last minute, or have too much excess, wasting valuable dollars on unused materials.

You should always get the packing supplies in advance, unless the moving company offers supplies through them at a used-only rate. By doing that, they will take back any unused materials, saving you money. Otherwise you will want to purchase everything in advance so you are not rushing to the store at the last minute. You will save an enormous amount of time by going and doing one-stop shopping.

You should always pack well, pack smart. Label the boxes with a list of the contents inside them, and which room they belong to. By doing this, when unpacking, you will know exactly which room to take the boxes too, and exactly what you are unpacking in a specific order.

You will also want to gather all sensitive and important files and documentation. Make a file with important paperwork such as: doctor records, school records, insurance paperwork, employment contracts, bank documents, etc.

Lastly you should make a floor plan. When you or the movers unload the boxes and bags from the truck or van, you will save countless hours by already knowing where you would like to place everything. A good idea is to place labels on the doors in your new place to make it easier for movers and helpers to know which each room is considered.

This simple list with tips on what to do to save time before relocating will help you optimize your move for sure. Our advice is simple but efficient. Do you know more tips on saving time when moving? Let us know, and you can also read our other articles for moving tips and advice.

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