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How To Easily Downsize Your Home During Moving

Moving is a challenging task to complete. You have so many things to consider, and sometimes so little time. One of the most challenging relocations is downsizing from a house to an apartment. At first it may seem like there is less to do because you have fewer items to pack and move, and therefore the moving cost will be lower. This is a good point, but the process of actually getting there is longer than it is on a regular house-to-house or apartment-to-apartment move. We have compiled the best way to downsize your home while moving and what you must do to make it happen.

Downsizing could be quite the challenge if you don’t know where to start from, so here is our list, which will guide you step by step into this tough process.

The first task you will want to tackle right away is to De-clutter your home. You need to begin downsizing your home by removing all the clutter and garbage that you may have inside. Throw away all obvious things like broken electronics, tools which are no longer working, old fashioned clothing you’re never going to wear, and items such as the broken hose in the garden. A lot of items you can get rid of easily are things, which have hung around long forgotten in the attic, garage and basement. In other words, everything that is in front of your eyes around the house and is probably a must-go anyway. Woody and Sons offers residential moving services to help you with your next move from your home or apartment to somewhere new.

Continuing on with the de-cluttering, start with the attic, basement, garage, and garden. The easiest way to continue downsizing is to go through the least used rooms and premises in your home. This could also be the guest room if you have one. In such places around the house it is easy to store things you don’t want or need in the moment and then forget about them. But they are still there and will not clean themselves up. The next place to move to is your car. Begin by cleaning out your entire car. If you have the habit of hoarding things, you may have been leaving things in your car as well. Remember to check under the seats and in the trunk. Make the downsizing uncompromising by getting rid of anything you haven’t used in the past month; this is what will make it efficient. A common question you should be asking yourself is, can you use it at all? There may be items in your home that are broken, torn, or worn out. In other words, they do not longer serve you a purpose. Don’t even think twice, start by throwing these items and clearing space and saving a large amount of time in debate. When downsizing from a house to an apartment this is the easiest decision to make. Throwing away what is actually useless will lessen the load a lot more than you could imagine. If you are downsizing your business and need moving assistance, Woody and Sons offers business moving services for the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas.

Another question to ask yourself is, Is it old fashioned and outdated? If you really care about fashion then this is an important decision to make. Do you have items that are out of fashion like clothes, shoes and accessories? Be honest with yourself. If you haven’t used it for the last few months, chances are you may never use it again. Things that you don’t want in your home and those that are outdated could go away.

There are items that are dear to us which hold an emotional value like gifts from people we love and cherish. Those could be souvenir or practical things like clothes. Either way, if you really care about it and want it in your next home, pack it and take it. There are some things that we actually need and some that only fill in the space in the shelves, drawers, and racks in our home. These items collect dust and nothing more. You don’t need to pay to move all that, especially if it is something big and heavy! If you are making a long distance move from your current home back to your parents, or a new city, or even new state, Woody and Sons offers long distance moving services to help make your move easy and efficient.

It is important to take measurements of your future home and decide what will and what will not fit in it. Why would you pay to move your sofa if there is not enough space in the room for it? Make a floor plan of your next home in order to make the estimations right. We have written different articles on creating a floor plan for your new home: Making A Floor Plan

What do you do with the things that are in a good condition and can be used but you have decided not to move? You can organize a moving sale and sell whatever you can. By using EBay, Craigslist, or donating to friends or a thrift store, you will be able to get rid of all these items quickly and efficiently. You can separate kids’ clothes, shoes, and toys, and donate them to an orphanage. of course, if you still want to keep some things but will not have space for them in your new home, you can always use a storage unit. If you are in need of just extra hands for moving your furniture from your house to a storage unit, Woody and Sons offers labor only moving services to help with any kind of move.

Moving has a lot of moving parts to it, but with Woody and Sons countless years of experience and moves, we can help you feel comfortable and get everything you need moved to your new home.

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