Tips To Organize Your Move

Give yourself time…

Moving is tiring and stressful. It involves a lot of packing, organizing, sorting, cleaning, etc. on top of your existing responsibilities. But good planning and starting the process well in advance of moving day will minimize stress and to keep the move going smoothly.

Schedule your move in advance-

Ideally, that gives you more choices of available dates, and you may also get a better moving rate from your mover of choice.

Keep all paperwork together-

Get a binder to save and organize everything move-related: phone numbers, estimates, receipts, utility providers information for old and new home, to do lists, packing schedule and so on!

Start organizing as soon as possible-

While it may not be practical to start packing months in advance, organizing of closets, garages, basements, etc. can start anytime. Make sure you dispose of flammable liquids or other “un-movables”. Have a moving sale, or donate unwanted items. When moving day comes, you’ll be glad you did.

Prepare your new home for your moving in

Even if you don’t yet have access to it, it’s best to schedule everything in advance, so when you get the keys, the cleaning, painting, fixing, etc. can be accomplished timely. Remember to contact utility companies – it’s nice you have running water, electricity, heating, and cable working by the time you move in.

Start packing at least two weeks in advance

Unless you hire professional packers, it’s best to start your packing at least couple of weeks in advance. Start with the least used or nonessential items first, like out of season clothing, seldom used appliances, books, sports equipment, etc. Labeling and color coding all your boxes will make it much easier when you unpack. Take great care to pack properly, especially for heavy or fragile items.

Delegate tasks

You don’t have to do everything by yourself, as everyone can help. Older children are perfectly capable to pack/unpack the clothes, books and other items in their own rooms. Take advantage of everyone’s special skills and talents – the person who’s the most tech-savvy should pack the electronics; whoever does the cooking should pack the kitchen and so on.

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