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Things To Do On Your First Day In Your New Home After Moving

The first day in a new house or apartment is always exciting and overwhelming. You’ve just entered your new home and you’re filled with anticipation about your new start. There are so many tings to do, but you need to find a place to start. You need to figure out how you should arrange all the things to do in the first day in a new apartment or house. We will discuss what to do on your first day in a new house after moving.

First, after moving you should thank the movers. If they did exception work, you can tip them. In addition, if you have some drinks and snacks for them to take a small break, they will surely be grateful to you and do even a better job when they are full of energy. If you want to have the job done faster, you can also help them unload. Unless of course you have requested a luxury move when the movers are paid to do everything that is part of your relocation up to setting up your new home. Woody and Sons offers excellent residential moving services for any clients in the Tampa and Orlando areas.

Next, you should check if the appliances are working properly and if all switches are functioning. You don’t want to end up in a cold home because there’s something wrong with the heating and you didn’t check it when moving in. This is important because if there are appliances or anything else to fix you can include it in your to-do tasks and take care of it as soon as you can. Another great idea, and a must-do, is to change the locks on all the doors at your new home. After a move the last thing you want to worry about is security, Woody and Sons can help you with anything you need at your new home, by providing long distance moving services.

Then you can use the cleaning supplies that you already have or run down to the closest supermarket to get the basic things you need. Depending on the condition of your new home, clean up the most obvious things like cobwebs, dust, and the floors throughout your home. You can go scrub the tiles of the bathroom and clean up the windows when you have more time. Right now is the time to take care of a basic cleaning so you can start arranging the furniture and unpacking the boxes. If you need a professional cleaning service done before you move in, our friends over at Just Clean My Mess can provide you with a FREE Cleaning Quote. If you are in need of only moving help, Woody and Sons provides labor only moving services for customers.

After finishing some basic cleaning, you should then take care of what you and your family needs. You can turn on the heat, prepare some food, and make sure everyone has their tasks to help settle into the home. Don’t waste extra energy on cooking, if you don’t have the time to do it. If you are into a healthy diet you can get fresh fruits and veggies at the nearest market and some raw nuts. Salads are nutritious and easy to make which is precisely what you need right now. It is a good idea to just order food for the first day, giving you more time to unpack and stay focused instead of being distracted and wasting time by cooking a meal. Now as you head into more unpacking, you can begin by setting the bed so that when you are tired and want some rest, you can get it right away and you won’t need to wonder where to get some extra energy from in order to prepare the bed.

Next, open up the essentials box with basic things that you will need like a clean set of clothes, toiletries, etc. Keep it handy during the first day in your new place. If you have kids, keep them busy by giving them tasks. You can give them some small tasks to do like bring you smaller boxes for unpacking into different rooms, or if they are very little, arrange for them a playground area in one of the rooms with toys to keep them entertained and out of your way. You can give the teenagers the freedom to do some arrangements in their own room. Put the furniture in their rooms and then together with them, bring in the boxes for their rooms. Let the children do the arrangement of their rooms the way they feel like it. Involving them in the moving process will be beneficial for them as they will do some work and this will save you time and effort too.

Meet the locals. When you head into the local supermarket ask around for things you’ll need and want such as a gym, hair salon, or a nice place for having dinner. Often times you can get useful information this way. Of course, there is always the internet where you can look up things, but the information from locals will be much more precise as they may be able to answer questions like, which restaurant is more suitable for families with kids, or for couples that want a romantic night out. Woody and Sons also offers business moving services for businesses in the area as well.

Lastly, don’t forget to celebrate! After doing all the work you did it is time to get a break and have a nice time out with family and friends. If you feel like you have the energy to do it, you can have an evening out with your family. Go to a nice, quiet place to have dinner and pop a bottle of champagne for the new beginning in your life. If you’re all exhausted, order some food and celebrate in the comfort of your new home. This is one of the must-do things on the first day in a new house. Give yourself some positive emotions and experiences, because you deserve it!

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