The Ultimate Checklist For Moving In A Hurry

In our last blog post, we spoke about ways to check to make sure you are satisfied with the new place you’re moving to, and ideas of how to find nearby schools, hobbies, and other activities going on near your new home

Not everyone has the luxury of having plenty of time to house hunt, find out information about their new city and neighborhood, or even plan packing up their old home and organizing a move. Whether it is job related, relationship related, etc. sometimes people are put in a rushed moving situation.

When put in this stressful moving scenario, you will want to create a checklist with tasks that need to be done, hire Woody & Sons Moving Company, get packing supplies, make a packing list, find extra help if needed, and change your address and moving documentation.

The first and foremost item on your “Moving in a hurry” checklist should be to create a list of tasks needing to be accomplished. It is suggested to keep this list on your phone, tablet, or computer. By having it electronically, it is easy to access, can be edited easily at any time, and you can cross or delete items off when you accomplish them. Besides just having the task listed, you can list the person or company responsible, contact information, and extra notes to go with the item. Lastly suggested is to have a deadline for each item. That way you are able to organize your schedule each day so you are able to tackle the tasks at hand.

The second task to be done is to hire Woody and Sons Moving Company. Nobody wants or is able to do all the work himself or herself. Woody and Sons would save you valuable time, effort, and keep your stress levels significantly lower than if you were trying to move every thing yourself. Another great tip during this hurried moving scenario is to have a family member or friend watch your children and pets to keep them out of the way and keep you focused on your moving checklist. Children and pets will feel most comfortable with a family member or friend.

Next on the checklist, would be to obtain moving supplies. You are able to get all of the moving supplies yourself, but to make things easier would to buy them right from Woody and Sons so that any extra boxes or packing supplies can usually be returned back at the end of the packing process. Woody and Sons also offers free use of unlimited blankets, furniture shrink-wrap, tools, disassembly and assembly as needed, and dollies. There is also no extra cost for stairs, mileage, or fuel.

Another very important item on the “Moving in a hurry” or any moving checklist should be to make lists of items while packing. Mark every box with a full list of the items contained in the box and with a number. By doing this, it may be a little time consuming initially, but will make unpacking and finding lost items a breeze when arriving at your new home.

I useful tip as well in the moving process would to find extra help through family members or devoted friends. You can assign tasks to each member with a deadline to be completed. This way, it is extra hands and minds to help accomplish tasks that you do not have to worry about, and by setting a deadline; you know when the task will be done. If family members and friends are out of the equation, other strong men to assist with lifting heavy items, furniture, and packing will do just fine.

The last task that should be completed to help making a rushed move easier would be to change your address and keep moving documentation in a safe place at all times. Changing your address needs to be done at any move, but at moves in a hurry it is good to just cancel any subscriptions, and notify institutions immediately. That way you can nip these tasks in the bud right away and not have to worry about them through the rest of the moving time. Also, you will want to keep moving documentation all in a safe place. A file or manila envelope will do just fine. This file will consist of quotes, inventory lists, contracts, payment documentation, etc. Keep this file in a bag you are personally traveling with along with valuables you did not ship through Woody and Sons.

Moving in a hurry is not the most preferred method of moving, but hopefully my following the steps listed through this article, Woody and Sons Moving Company can help make moving in a hurry easier and more efficient.

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