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Moving During The Week Vs. The Weekend

Moving is both an exciting and stressful experience for many reasons, one of the main ones being the long list of things to do from the decision you take to move until the first day in your new home. Should you move during the week or in the weekend? Which is better, cheaper, more convenient and easier? Both moving during the week and in the weekend have their pros and cons, which we will discuss below. When moving, relocating at the time that is most convenient to you is important so let’s take a look at what those two options may offer.

The first thing we will take into account is cost. Is it cheaper to move during the week rather than the weekend? If we are talking only moneywise, there could be a difference between moving during the week and moving in one weekend. Since weekends is the most popular time when most people choose to move, movers are busier and costs for your relocation could be higher. This means that you may find it harder to get to reliable weekend movers or weekend moving truck deals, as they begin to vanish quickly as good deals and offers are taken away fast, especially in summer and during the first and last weekends of a month which is the busiest time for moving companies. The same goes true even stronger if those weekends match a holiday. Woody and Sons helps Tampa and Orlando consumers with professional residential moving services.

If you have to consider another aspect of the move, which is your time, then the picture will be different. If you’re like most people then you have a regular full-day 9 to 5 job, which keeps you busy during the day except for the weekend and holidays. If you are moving a business in the Tampa Bay or Orlando areas, Woody and Sons provides Business Moving services. In case convenience is what matters to you and what you need, then take advantage of your own availability to organize your own move and take the time to do it when you have it. Besides, if you don’t want to hire moving labor and prefer calling on friends, neighbors or colleagues, then you will be needing helpers, who will most likely be available also when you are, which most of the time is during the weekend. If your friends and family are busy during the week, Woody and Sons provides labor only moving services to help anyone pack up a truck, van, or trailer.

Cost is always the main issue with every move. Price is always a large factor in moving and almost anything in life. Fortunately, there is a way to have control over this; by choosing when to move. The time of the week matters greatly because weekends is when most people take some time out of their lives, making homes and elevators busier, staircases have more people on them, traffic jams are more common, just as they are during the beginning and ending hours of a work day. This may seem like a minor detail to you, but trying to plan a move at a high rise, on a weekend for example, will lead to backups and a lot of wasted time. Lots of aspects should be considered in order to establish the best time to move. The time for your move matters not only to you, but also to the movers as well since they could be affected by it. They may sit in traffic jams, which could slow them down, causing them to take more time, and you to spend more money. This is could be a large factor in a long distance move. Luckily, Woody and Sons provides long distance moving services and provides guaranteed low prices. The best thing would be to contact movers and discuss with them the various aspects of moving during the week or during the weekend. Explain to them your availability, your needs and ask them what you could expect as a difference in the price for the move depending on when you plan to have it. With good, careful planning it can assure a smooth moving day in the end, whether that day is on the week or on the weekend.

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