How to Locate Storage for your Belongings

The stress associated with moving, sometimes, can be compounded by the need to locate storage, but finding short term or long term storage need not be difficult. The following is a set of suggestions to help locate the storage facility which fits your needs.

• Search on line for “storage units” in the city in which you would like to store your belongings.

• Make a list containing:

1. Companies’ names, phone numbers, locations, prices, and relevant details (e.g. Dimensions of unit, climate control available versus non-climate controlled units).

2. If you are having your belongings professionally moved, the company you hire may be able to help you determine what size unit you will need and whether you need climate control or not.
(climate controlled units are kept at a unit temperature of 80 degrees).

3. Ask facilities if they have regular pest control services.

4. Ask facilities if they offer move in specials? (e.g. $1 move in, half off first month, free second month.)

5. Do the facilities provide insurance on their units and your belongings in case of damage or loss?

6. If the unit does not provide you with insurance can you purchase or use your home owners insurance?

7. Ask the cost of a lock for a unit?

8. Ask facilities’ access hours? some facilities offer 24 hour gate access while other facilities have specified hours of which you can access your storage unit. This can be very important when it comes to moving day as you do not wish to store on a truck overnight if the access hours end at 6 PM and your movers cannot get to the unit before 6 PM.

9. Ask if facilities are secured by coded gates?

10. Ask for the monthly rates of your desired size unit and
whether rates are guaranteed for the duration of your stay.

11. Ask if facilities offer prorated charges for those moving in
during the middle of billing periods.

12. Do not provide your phone number when researching
facilities because you might receive many unwanted calls
attempting to strong arm you into committing to certain

After you have asked the above questions to each storage facility on your list, evaluate the information you have acquired and choose accordingly. Keep in mind what the customer service was like when talking to each location as the initial service will probably be continued throughout your stay with the facility.

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